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Here’s why Saudi Arabia is highly unpopular at Paris climate conference

Reacting to the recent agreement text which was released on Wednesday, Greenpeace’s Climate policy advisor Kaisa Kosonen said, ‘Some of the words in this text are smeared with the fingerprints of the oil-producing… Continue reading

The 5 Women Who Could Make or Break a Climate Deal in the Next 24 Hours

Through the Global Call for Climate Action’s “Adopt a Negotiator” initiative, we keep tabs on the most powerful players in the climate game. Over the last week and a half of climate talks… Continue reading

Is India caught between a coal and a solar future?

At the U.N. climate talks, to get acclaim, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an International Solar Alliance with France’s President Francois Holland and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The alliance aims to boost solar… Continue reading

The Youth Care More About Climate Change Than Just Taking A Selfie

‘But first, let me take a selfie.’ You can’t have missed this song if you are a millennial. Selfie is the word that party anthems are made of these days. In 2013, it… Continue reading

Modi at COP21: India will negotiate hard to keep its carbon space

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday delivered a speech on making COP21 a success by promising to make India a champion in the fight against climate change. His speech comes at a time… Continue reading

Patents Stymie India’s Push to bring Solar Electricity to Rural Areas

In August this year, the World Trade Organization ruled in favor of the United States after the Obama administration successfully challenged India on its domestic content requirements in solar panels, saying intellectual property… Continue reading